About Reflections

Reflections , a blog that reflects every and any thought that crosses my mind and anything i do with or happens in my life that i find compelling or worthy enough to write about.

So what are you likely to find here?You would find articles and posts about linux, zenwalk,eeepc and its default xandros,sketches that i make, bash scripting,my own projects(mainly in bash, may be some in C) and some philosophical and useless posts about topics that haunt my brain sometimes.

I was introduced to the linux world some few years ago and i have ever since been interested and so you would find some blogs about linux distributions and things that actually interest me within linux world ( and no its not the kernel that i am interseted in , not yet ).Speaking of linux distributions, it is highly unlikely that i woud write a review of any of these in  general, there are many sites that already do that. I have been intersted in particular in zenwalk since i tried it few months back, the reason is its package manager netpkg(the CLI version) provides me with a near ideal package management with something not as complex as debian apt-get but fairly complex enough to do the task (I would like it to improve in certain ways though and i am working within my own limited time and capacity to improve it too)

I have got an eeepc 701 as the only netbook ( and it is special in that regards compared to other computers i own )  and the limitations of the xandros OS that it comes with has always been pushing me to tweak it, I have posted some of these in my previous blog posts.However, Xandros is now unmaintained and getting old and unsupported.Soon another distro will replace it.I have narrowed down my choices to a few, i am waitinng for a distro to introduce a new install time option that would be SSD and space friendly for eeepc.

I love sketching but unfortunately i sketch very less these days, there is never enough creative peaceful time.I upload most of my sketches on deviant art and post some of them here too.

There ara a lot of other stuffs i do and things going on that you may find a post about.At times you would find philosophocal thoughts on topics that i never thought i would write about until i wite them.

Hope you find something that interests you and  enjoy reading.