Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Themes to use with ATM-the theme manager(Nano Blue and GoldiKwarc)

There are a lot of themes made for icewm but not many of them are customised to provide images for tabs of the launcher on easy mode of eeepc .So when i started using ATM to customise themes, i started customising some of the themes to include the images for tabs.i will be adding new customised themes in this post.Most of the themes are not mine but downloaded over internet.

Before using any of the themes make sure that you are using AsusSilver theme using personalization under settings tab.Also make a text file in /home/user/.Asuslauncher called launchermode (if it is not already there) and replace any content inside it with single word "business"

Nano Blu

I got this theme from and customised it to include images for tabs.The original theme can be downloaded here


the customised theme can be downloaded here


First saw this theme in the screenshot posted by eeeuser member rokytnji and i liked it.I got this theme from a zip folder called posted on the antix forums.The look of this theme is quite like kde (kwarc theme)with the default kicker look (the kde panel)
After downloading the theme , i made the following customizations:

  • added a taskbarbg.xpm which is a gradient image to make the icewm taskbar look more close to kde(actually i downloaded the kicker.deb file and extracted it to get the background for kicker and resized and processed it to make a taskbarbg.xpm)
  • changed the menubg.xpm to make its look more gradient-like by overlaying resized taskbarbg.xpm over original menubg.xpm
  • changed the menuseparater(menusep.xpm) to make it look thicker
  • downloaded a wallpaper that would suit with the theme
  • and ,off course ,added the backgrounds for tabs to complete the look for easy mode

Download the customised theme here.The wallpaper shown in the screenshot is copyrighted and not included with the theme.Download the wallpaper here or any other wallpaper you would like to use with the theme

useful tip:
To make sure every time you apply the theme the background also gets changed to the wallpaper image , copy the wallpaper to /home/user/.icewm/themes/goldikwarc/AsusLauncher/wallpapers and rename it as business_all_wallpaper.jpg .Now every time you apply the theme using ATM the wallpaper will also get applied(this works for other themes too)


KDE4 is a dark theme with a big panel/taskbar. I got the original icewm theme from here.After downloading it, I customized it to include the same colored tabs for AsusLauncher.This theme doesn't include a default wallpaper.A default background for the theme can be set by copying your wallpaper jpg file to /home/user/.icewm/themes/KDE4/AsusLauncher/wallpapers/business_tab_wallpaper.jpg


you can download the customised theme from here

original post
kde4-Another theme for ATM 


  1. If above tar.gz link for Goldiwarc is what I needed. Then I got it downloaded Sunny. Got a little greedy and wanted your Nano theme to but downloaded tar.gz for it shows 0 bytes for tar.gz file in properties.

  2. roky ,i have reuploaded the nano blu should work now..

  3. how do you get themes to to be in atm I have downloaded them but were do I put theme?

  4. Anonymous:you need to extract the themes tar file in /home/user/.icewm/themes
    If you have the tar.gz in /home/user for example, you can do the following in a terminal:

    # cd /home/user/.icewm/themes
    # tar -xvzf /home/user/Nanoblu.tar.gz